Services and Pricing

Before getting into the pricing, I want to outline a few points.

I will only print files that you have permission to use. If it’s not your personal creation, then we will have to adhere to the licensing that is attached to the file. I’m happy to print files from Patreons, Kickstarters, Thingiverse and other sites, but be aware of the licensing and be ready to send a link to the file or to send permission from the creator.

When sending files, please include the scale or size of the final print.

With doll prints especially, I can give a very rough ballpark estimate without the files, but an accurate quote can only be done once the files are sent and run through the slicer.

I’ll send photos and perhaps short videos so you can see your print and approve it before I ship.

When the printing is finished, I will delete the files, unless otherwise requested.

Doll folks: If you’re a bit new at sculpting and exporting, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If I don’t know how to help you, I’ll know where to find the answers.

MSLA: .45/gram

This includes adding custom supports, printing time, and support removal.

I work primarily in Hard Resins. I have White and Grey, and Clear on hand.

FDM: .25/gram

I use generated supports through Simplify 3D, but if you need custom supports through Fusion360, then there will be an extra charge.

I print mostly PLA and PETG, but ABS is available upon request. I have some filament on hand, and will order per project as needed.

Additional Services:

I’ll do scaling, hollowing, and simple fixes for free. Major fixes will start at $10 per project. I will discuss any issues I find with the files before moving forward.

I can do simple customization/ remixing of existing files as long as the original creator gives permission. This starts at $10 per object.

I have the ability to tint and color match (within reason). This starts at $15.

Doll sanding/ miniature preparation, starting at $20 per hour.

It’s handy to have your miniature printing and painting handled by one person. If you’re interested in the painting service, please visit my other site, Still Life Miniatures.