Ball Jointed Dolls

Pretty quickly into my printing adventure, I was introduced into the BJD community. There may be a lot of printing services, but seemingly few that specialize in BJD prints. I spent a good deal of time with a friend, learning how they work and what the sculptor needs from a print. I’ve experimented a bit to get a better fit on the joints with less finishing for the creator. I even learned how to string them to so I can make sure they go together properly before sending them home.

These are just a few that I’ve done recently and I’m hoping to add many more.

First photos are gorgeous sculpts created by Rugged Realism. I printed a set of 51 and 65cm hands, feet, and heads.

This is Zeke. He was my first full doll print. Created by Myrettah, my friend that introduced me to this community, he stands about 51cm tall.

This is Sweetner. She was created by Ooakies and is a 41cm doll. The white chest on the left is an extra headstand printed in PLA.

This lovely was sculpted by Jasmine. She’s 51cm.