Hello and welcome to T3D Arts! I’m Jen Tallman, a miniature painter of over 20 years that picked up 3d printing to further accommodate my clients. While I do print models for collectors and artists, I’ve also gained a decent client list of digital sculptors and have produced some dental models. It’s finally come time to separate my painting and my printing.

What I offer:

I’ve been working to produce high quality prints for artists and makers. This means having to learn not only about the printers, but also picking up some skills in digital sculpting and design as well as exploring different slicing programs. I work closely with each client to print exactly what they’re looking for. Customer service is top priority.

I can offer file fixing and rescaling. I’m not open for digital sculpting yet, but I’ll be practicing more so I can add that to my list with confidence.

I do occasionally (and hopefully more often) create my own digital files. I’ll be selling the products and perhaps the files. It may be a little while before that is set up here.

I’m sure this site will be going through an evolution, but this is a start. If you have any questions, use the contact form and I’ll be happy to help.